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Posted by carmod on 30-08-2009 at19:06:


looks good
ill give it a go later
think theres a "proper" demo out already somehow?

Posted by Impact on 31-08-2010 at20:48:


it seems pretty damn good to me..

Made two complete tunes and sundry experiements now.. I like it!

Seriously missing the Redrum from R4 tho.. damn drum sequencer... must be a VST out there to ease my pain.

Couple of things really bug about S1;

* The zoom scroll bars are infuratingly small.
(I dont use the cubase method of click dragging on the timeline to zoom it drives me nuts!)
* why cant I use the space bar to 'drag' the timeline left to right (like photoshops HAND tool)
* The loop region playback can be very tempramental at high zoom values.
* Some of the bundled stuff can be a bit basic, although some other stuff is bloody awesome (Pro EQ and Compressor Im looking at you!) !

Posted by m-ej on 31-08-2010 at23:38:


@ impact.

you can ask for features to be added on the presonus s1 forum.
if they think its a good idea,
it would most likely make an appearance in version 2.0.
remember presonus are still developing s1,
so any fresh ideas would probably filter through in time.

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