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Posted by junglist06 on 11-01-2009 at11:36:

  Renaming in logic 8

fairly new to logic, just wondering how you rename each audio that you insert. cheers

Posted by Yawn on 17-01-2009 at12:30:

  RE: Renaming in logic 8

dunno about in logic 8 but in logic 5.5, you select the cursor icon from the tools, click on the audio clip you want to rename and it allows you to edit the name.

I guess the principle is the same across all versions of logic.

Posted by junglist06 on 28-04-2009 at19:50:


found out now, just clicking around. Was how i leared how to use FL, now i think im gonna have to do a lot more 'clicking around' on logic lol

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