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Posted by cynik on 17-11-2007 at18:07:


add my breKBEAT profile


Posted by cynik on 18-11-2007 at14:57:

  RE: Bia

..and do not hesitate to comment the tunes

Posted by D2o on 21-11-2007 at10:55:


Loving your breaks tunes man.......im sure it wont be long till you get signed with some of this stuff

Posted by BattleDrone on 21-11-2007 at11:59:


Added Bigup

Posted by Glim on 21-11-2007 at17:31:


they're all good tunes but for me piroman just ripped it up bigtime!!

plenty replays on that one brother Big Grin

keep it up!! Wink

Posted by cynik on 21-11-2007 at18:09:


piroman is still to be finished

big cheers for the support mates Drummer

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