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Posted by BattleDrone on 05-09-2007 at17:02:

  Seven Gun hit's it again... BASS PACK

Thanks to Seven Gun we have a new Bass Pack to offer you guys...
On the >>>D°wnL°ad<<<

All previous samplepacks are still here

Cheers (and megathanks to Seven Gun Bigup ).

Posted by CULTURE BOY on 05-09-2007 at20:59:


nice 1 bro

Posted by Tomos on 05-09-2007 at22:35:


Just downloaded your new bass samples 7G ... proper awesome mate!! Thanks! Bigup

Posted by Surya on 09-09-2007 at11:39:


Nicely done, although too processed for my taste. I like samples to have as little effects, filtering and modulation on them as possible as it gives more flexibility when using them.

Posted by Seven Gun on 13-09-2007 at15:24:


i just hope they come in handy to some people.
glad to give somewthing back to this awesome place.

Posted by Glim on 13-09-2007 at23:54:


thanks alot bruv, its offerings like these that makes me want to start producing like i used to..

cheers!! Big Grin

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